Cleaning Stainless Steel 

Wiping Steel With Cloth


Hatch equipment meets all applicable health and safety codes and is manufactured to comply with NSF standards to maintain the certification.

If used properly and maintained on a regular basis, Hatch equipment will last for many years.


A simple wipe down with soapy water is usually all that is required to clean stainless steel equipment.  Drying with a dry cloth will restore shine and remove any hard water residue.


Any liquids or powders applied to stainless steel equipment containing chlorides or phosphates will cause permanent damage.  Use of such ingredients will result in discoloration and dulling of metal finishes, pits, small holes and cracks.  High levels of chloride in water may also contribute to damage on stainless steel.

Please note that this type of damage can only be reversed by re-polishing the stainless steel which will only remove dulling and discoloration.  Markings and indenting will be permanent.

Any damage as noted above is not incorporated in equipment warranty coverage.