Integrity: Our mission is to ensure the best interests of our Consultants, Dealers, and their clients
Experience: 39 years of quality production
Quality: Heavy duty and enduring = Customer satisfaction plus value
Customer service:

The phone is always answered between 8:00am – 6:00pm; personnel are available to assist with customer inquiries and concerns; emails, issues, and any problems are addressed in a timely manner to a successful resolution

Versatility: Equipment available as mobile or stationary, modular or in-counter
Custom: Not in our standard product line? We can accommodate and make it for you!!

100% stainless steel interior and exterior finishes with all stainless steel or non-rusting hardware and components; all seams are welded, finished and polished to a professional level of expectance; short-cuts and sub-standard materials are not an option

Replacement parts: In stock for customer convenience; readily available; minimal lead time
Post-Warranty Support:

Hatch goes beyond the standard warranty period to assist clients with any issues that may occur


CSA certified in Canada and the US and NSF certified for North America

Health and Safety:

Equipment manufactured to meet industry code requirements to protect all operators

Ergonomics Regulations:

Ease of use and Ergonomics go hand in hand with Hatch products – Dispensers are naturally ergonomic to maintain trays, baskets, racks, and dishware at a comfortable safe height for staff


Stainless steel equipment leaves a low carbon footprint in production processes and does not impact heavily on the planet for future generations


Naturally hygienic; considered a green building material and stainless steel is 100% recyclable when disposed of

Life Costs: Stainless Steel equipment ages well, increasing total life expectancy while reducing overall life costs