HATCH Industries Limited warrants to the original purchaser that equipment manufactured at the plant in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, will be of high standards of workmanship and materials and will be free of defects to the best of the company’s knowledge when shipped. 

All stainless steel materials will be of 304 #4 finish along with 2B interior finishes where required. Sub stainless steel materials or materials that rust are not used by Hatch.  All equipment, electrical or refrigeration in nature, will be equipped with components that maintain all CSA, UL, along with NSF Standards where noted and will comply with all government regulations and legislation.

Hatch warranty will cover material and labour for a period of one year from the date of shipment to the original purchaser.  Any warranty extensions due to on-site time delays must be sent to the Company in writing immediately upon receipt of equipment to arrange an extended warranty program. 

Hatch’s obligation will be limited to repairing or replacing, within the one year period, any parts and labour incurred to replace said parts, which, after examination, are found to be defective from the factory or from the original component manufacturer.

For warranty to be valid, all factory Hatch labels must be 100% visible and not obscured by any other labels. Any un-authorized labels that are affixed over the Hatch labels will immediately void all warranty.

Warranty does not apply to any merchandise that has been subjected to freight damage, neglect, lack of cleaning, lack of maintenance, improper cleaning procedures, use of harsh chemicals when cleaning, alterations, improper or unauthorized repairs, mis-use or accidents (example: falling off trucks).  Warranties are subject to the user’s normal responsibilities and will be in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and of all other obligations or liabilities on the part of Hatch Industries. 

Equipment components not manufactured by Hatch, such as heating elements, casters, bumpers, etc., are warranted by the manufacturers thereof and will be subject to warranty inspection under the terms of said company’s warranty regulations.  Components of this classification are not deemed to be our warranty and Hatch will abide by the decisions of the original manufacturer.

Hatch Industries does not assume nor authorize any other parties to undertake for Hatch any other liability in connection with said merchandise.  Service agents in the field must have written authority to perform warranty on behalf of the Company.  As such, the service agent must return defective parts to the factory for inspection by either Hatch or the original component manufacturer in order to obtain full payment. 

Warranties herein will not be binding, if at the time a claim is filed, the purchase or account of the dealer is delinquent in payment due under the terms and conditions of Hatch Industries regarding invoice contracts.