Breakfast/Hostess Carts

Standard: Carts for meal service and meal delivery; optimal for breakfast, light lunch, snacks and light dinner service in health care facilities, casinos, theatres, etc. Stainless steel with multiple open and enclosed storage areas; multi-functional carts can accommodate china or disposable dishes, cups, bowls, refuse containers, etc. in various compartments, dispensers and/or roll-out drawers. Food items can be stored in variable wells, insulated containers, etc. Will accommodate beverage containers, small appliances and other items.Insulated compartments available for cold or heated food items.

Options: Standard and custom lengths and depths to suit client requirements; plastic laminate décor, solid surface counter tops (Corian, granite).

Breakfast-Hostess Carts


  • Light meal service to patient rooms
  • Beverage and snack service for casinos and theatres


  • Food wells, overshelves
  • Heated drawers, roll-out drawers
  • Dishware in dispensers and racks
  • Insulated containers and small appliances
  • Ice bins and eutectic plates
  • Refuse containers
  • Beverage urns
  • Cash trays

Spec Sheets: