Dining Room Service Carts

Standard: Carts for meal service, meal delivery and set-up/tear-down of dining facilities. Stainless steel with multiple open and enclosed storage areas; multi-functional carts to accommodate dishes, cups, bowls, refuse containers, etc. for set up and tear down of institutional dining facilities (retirement homes, banquet halls, etc.) Heated service carts for meal delivery or serving with tray slides, food wells, heated base, heated drawers, refrigerated components overshelves, etc. for meal service.

Options: Standard and custom lengths and depths to suit client requirements; plastic laminate décor to suit client sites.

dining room service carts


  • Set-up of dining facilities
  • Tear-down of dining facilities
  • Meal delivery with small profile
  • Meal service using wells


  • Food wells, overshelves, heated
  • Heated drawers, roll-out drawers
  • Stackable bowls; round, square, oval & rectangular
  • Dishware and smallwares in dish racks and cassettes
  • Beverage containers
  • Refuse containers

Spec Sheets: