Refrigerated Mobile Dispensers / Cooler and Frozen Units

Standard: Stainless Steel, Self Leveling, Field Adjustable, Self Contained

Options: Tube Dispensers, Rack Dispensers, and Basket Dispensers

Refridgerated Mobile Dispensers and UnitsApplication:

  • Cafeterias
  • Serving lines
  • Cook chill tray make-up systems
  • Back up storage
  • Modular buffet systems


  • Approximately 5 to 6 doz. plates per tube (refrigerated dispenser)
  • Refer to factory for bowl capacities (refrigerated dispenser)
  • Racks: 5 to 6 racks per stack (cooler/freezer unit)
  • Baskets: Dairy Baskets as noted on spec. (milk unit)


  • Stackable Plates; Stackable Bowls (refrigerated dispenser)
  • Frozen product in racks or baskets (freezer unit)
  • Racks or baskets of milk or beverage cartons, prepared salad bowls, packaged novelties or misc. chinaware (refrigerated units)

Spec Sheets: