Bulk Food Carriers

Standard: Stainless Steel, Insulated, Modular, Ambient, Heated, & Refrigerated

Options: 4 Models; Narrow and Wide Pan Insertions; Double and Single Compartments

Bulk Food Carriers


  • Food plating on multiple floors
  • Back up storage
  • Bulk food transport


  • 9 to 10 full size food pans per compartment
  • Variables of full and fractional size food pans


  • Full size 1220 pans
  • Fractional size pans on slides
  • Fractional size pans on wire grilles

Spec Sheets:

  • Hatch A5000 Series (ambient)
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  • Hatch H5000 Series (heated)
  • Hatch R5000 Series (refrigerated)
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